Facial Repair


Sensorial Anti Age Cream
Extraordinary facial Nectar for all skin's types to demanding skin's. Pro Vitamin A Complex stimulates collagen fibers, Argan Oil , Q10 coenzime complex and Hyaluronic Acid help minimizing signs of ageing and wrinkles. For an intensive action combine with Jamululur Chrono Repair Serum

Benefits: Anti Age – Wrinkle Filler
Size: 50ml e


The Cosmetic solution for tired and dull skins'
Deny skin's stress and fatigue with Reviva Detox Crea. Ultra detoxifying and moisturizing facial cream for all skin's types to dull and stressed ones'. Unique sensorial texture, easy absorbed even on most problematic skin's types. Thanks to Vegetable RNA and fresh plants' ADN –DNA extract, instantly give to skin a smoother, softer and radiant look. To minimize countour eyes' puffiness, combinate with daily use of VDI Detox Serum by World of Beauty.


Advanced Contour Eyes Repair Cream
Revolutionary Eyes Recovery Treatment, revitalizes skin, with Jaluronic Complex, Fresh Vitamin C and the exclusive vegetal complex by natural active ingredients, reduces the look of contour eyes' wrinkles, boosts skin's natural ability to minimize the appearance of lines. The innovative Tocotrienol Natural Complex prevents collagen lapses, hydrates and defense skin by external factors, photoageing, past damages, ..

Benefits: Anti Ageing, Protection, Smoothing
Size: 50ml e


Advanced Matt Effect and Pores Minimizer
Effective Cosmeceutical Cream for all skin's types, especially for mixed combination to oily's skin. Just after first applications, skin will appear clearer, smoother and compact. Rich in fresh herbal extracts and vegetable fresh stem cell, Puretè Acid Cream repair skin roughness and flakiness. To visibly minimize the look of enlarged pores, combine with Extrémè Chrono Repair Concentrate.

Benefits: Repairs and balance skin's oil production.
Size: 50ml e

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