Advanced Body Nutrition
Extraordinary body formula for all skin's types, with pure organic oils, Tropical Papaya and pure natural Lime Extrat. This unique body treatment deeply moisturises, nourishes, while detoxing all skin's type. Recharge and restore skin's energized, giving an unique radiant appearance.
Benefits: Nourishing, Detoxing
Size: 100ml e


Ultra Nourishing Body Formula
The most powerful and effective phytohormons from nature for your skin. Love Elixir is a wonderful synergy for face and body, preciously enriched with pure Mosqueta's Rose Oil, Organic Amyris, Mediterranean Rosmary. For all skin's types, Love Elixir deeply nourish your skin, improving microcirculation. Even most sensitive skin will appear smoother, soothed and rejuvenated.

Benefits: Soothing, Nourishing
Size: 100ml e


Ultra Hydra Infusion Cream Nectar
Exhilerant Anti Stress Body Elixir, for all skin's types, with purest Cardamome, Sandalwood and Orange Blossom Essential Oils, known since ancient time for the relaxing, soothing and detoxing properties. Firms and tones, improving the skin elasticity and gives a radiant looking, while helping relieving fatigue. Use combined with Fermeté Body Cream for an ultra toning effect.
Benefits: Ultra nourishing, Anti Stress
Size: 100ml e


Organic Luxurious Body Moisturizer
Experience the ultimate "natural body Argan Body Cream" that leave your skin glowing, natural, healthy and radiant. Argan Body Cream,made with 100% organic certified plants and flowers' extract, luxuriously nourishes mature, aging, dry skin, revitalizing skin's. Just after the first application, skin appears smother, more radiant with a new vitality looking
Benefits: Repairs and balance skin's optimal moisture level even for dry and uneven skintone skin types.
Size: 250ml e

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